Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Falling out of love. No falling in. Deeper.

Frustration, fear and forceful thoughts overwhelmed the very being of this girl, so incredibly happy, and unable to believe the events that have been unravelling for the past 3 weeks with the last one week being extremely unexpected and delightful. Feelings of ecstasy and uncontrollable amounts of laughter, shielded the very core of guilt, unfounded sense of relief, and unremedied spins of giddiness.

2 seconds of spontaneity
2 minutes of talking
2 hours of laughter
2 days of texting
2 weeks of prayers
3 weeks of uncertainty
4 weeks running
5 weeks losing all doubts and fear

Loving someone who gives you a reason to hang on to something as fragile as life, feels...

incredibly blissful.


Monday, 15 July 2013

Nights like this

Hurried footsteps down the pavements, people I don't see but the constant gust of wind constantly reminds me of people, a cacophony of noise.

Drowning in a sea of people, and I feel terribly alone.

Free, yet busy with a million things on my mind. and the one thing that I have constantly on my mind.


I had that moment again. Well, correction: I almost had that moment. You know the one where I wish my hand was in yours, bringing you everywhere, to see everything that I see, to breathe the same cold welcoming air of the land down under.

I see your face everywhere I go. I bring you everywhere. For a brief, brief moment, I felt that being there would make me feel like you were there. But before I could really entertain the thought, I knew you weren't.

You aren't here.

Sometimes I don't know if this is the best decision for us. But time and again I have always convinced myself that all these we had, have been sheer bliss. Bliss.

This is a road of learning, it's a journey. And I'm learning how to be without you. I think I'm doing okay. I really don't talk about you or mope about your absence, but you are on my mind all the time. I think it only gets to me when I have got absolutely nothing to do and I'm forced to come to terms that it's yet another day that we are apart.

Or you know, when there are nights like this- when I'm swallowed by songs that remind me of you.

It gives me life. To have known you. To still be able to talk to you everyday.

It gives me hope. That happiness can be achieved. Even when the time is wrong.


Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hi guys!

And so I was on a hunt for a pair of shades for him. It all started from the day we started taking selfies with Ren’s shades.

It wasn’t long before I went, ‘ Know what? This is it. We shall get a pair of shades for each other.’ But what kind of shades? So, we went to an optical shop and tried on a few pairs of RayBans, Aviators to be specific. The 3025 big frames looks sooo good on him *teary eye

He had on the silver frame while I love the gold frame on myself!


The Aviators cost an arm and a leg. So we left, dejected but optimistic that maybe other optical shops would offer a better price.

I even went to the extent of asking my friend to source from Sibu, at East Malaysia because it is somehow much cheaper there (for whichever reason). Unfortunately, that didn’t fall through.

There were also sites that were selling them at prices waaay below the market rate and I’m pretty damn sure they aren’t originals.  The way they marketed themselves was that they offer ‘100% customer satisfaction’. Seriously guys? The only reason why you can claim that is because you have no other form of marketing credibility! No certificate of authentication and real packaging to boot. Unless it is sought after for photo shoots or if you just want it but you are just too broke for it, it really isn’t worth ruining your eyesight for a pair of stylish fakes (shall elaborate on the reasons in a later post).

From my experience, nice and established brands aren’t cheap. But I was determined to find a pair for him, so badly. Yes, the things you would do for your loved-ones…

On a bright sunny day, I was reading Cheesie’s blog and I found and omg it was like a dream come true. They have a magnificiently vast array of glasses and sunglasses, from brands like Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Hugo Boss, Dior, D&G, Fendi, RayBans, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Prada and the list goes on. One would be so spoilt for choice but I had my sight set on ze RayBans! TEEHEEE :D The discounts go as big as 50% some of the best brands! My RayBans has like 45% discount. FAR OUT!

What’s even better is that they offer FREE shipping WORLDWIDE, to your door step! This saves online shoppers like me the hassle and cost to drive out, pay for parking and walk to the store! SmartBuyGlasses are located everywhere including USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Below are the links to the RB3025, the one I got.

If you are worried about fraudulent transactions, that should be the least of your concerns because all transactions are secured by Thawte. Basically what it does is that it secures communications by encrypting all data to and from the site, checks and verifies the site’s registered domain name. And if your name and card holder name is not the same person, the transaction wouldn’t go through.

Payment can be made using AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, JCB and PayPal! Easy Peazy :D

My experience with SmartBuyGlasses was that their customer service is impeccable. Second to none in the world of shopping online. Not only are they prompt in their replies, they are polite and efficient as well! It was a pleasant experience dealing with SmartBuyGlasses and I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking to buy any shades or glasses.

Happy shopping! :D


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Love out of pain

I sit tight, don't want to miss the show
I hang on, don't want to miss my prime
Cos time flies, when your heart meets mine

Stay a while, stroke her to sleep
Stay a little longer, watch her breathe
But tide rides far, watching his shadow
shrink and
desire distant

So I walk along
this deserted path

He peeks
He shadows me
Walks behind me
Walks with me

A smile
a laugh
a kiss
a touch

Fingers intertwined
Skin touch lips burn
Breath me in
Gaze deep
Hurt deeper

Dance with me
Dance while we can
Dance out of pain
Dance cos we must

Come a little closer
I'm in thoughts
I write you
I'm in love

You will be the sun
and I will be the sea
and love, the shoreline
where you and I meet

Let Him
sweep us away
to somewhere

to somewhere
only we know

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Watch my back so I make sure
you are right behind me
as before
the night before

Dry my eyes so you won't know
Dry my eyes so I won't show
I know you are right behind me

And don't you let me go tonight
Don't let me go tonight
Just don't let me go tonight

Walking the surface of this town
with high heels above the ground
figures past
quick steps
wind slurs
scent smoke carbon
unpleasant uneasiness

Keep me safe
until the night
falls, till
My heart falls
My strength fails
My hope falters

We know them all
I know it all
Stay put and play along
Cos I'm looking for my friend

I dry my eyes
I dry my eyes
falling deeper by the hour
don't make me fall deeper now

Just let me go tonight

'Red carpet'

This was taken at the Pre annual dinner. I was the first of the 9 to be ready.
JW Marriot is fantabulously awesome :) The beds were ultra comfy and had a double door toilet.
We licked ourselves to sleep after a long night!
#Peiyi #Janet #Yu-anne

Red carpet?

So, I turned to the back to check you out.

Check the mock set-ups in the background!

Giuseppe Zanoti. Took hell lot of convincing to get mum to get this bag! Look how well made it is!


I just had to end this post with a pack of Cigars. I love how it juxtaposes everything I blog about.


Be yourself or be a unicorn

A Typo notebook from a wonderful friend as an early farewell gift! I 

I love my little Isaac. He's such a doll :D

And last but not least, my purchase of the day! 2 toned, brown hue with the signature Michael Kors logo at the side. Just the perfect combination.

That's all! more updates coming up soon!


Best Tom Yum in town; Best Nasi Lemak at home

As promised, I would post Kuala Lumpur's best Tom Yum, situated in a hideout, right smack in the city. Those who don't work in the city might not even notice or know where this place is situated. When I brought my colleagues and friends from Singapore to this alley, they gasped in unison, 'so INDIE'.

I secretly 'umchio'. Because, honestly I feel cool knowing the existence of this place!


FIRSTLY, it is only RM6. I have always been on a hunt for cheap and good food in the city. Since I'm a temporary staff in the office, I don't have the luxury to spend like how some of my colleagues do.

SECONDLY, it tastes so authentic with the richness of all Thai spices come together and saves you the trouble of travelling to Thailand for a taste of the wonderful Tom Yum.

THIRDLY, it is in Fahrenheit 88. Yes, in a mall in between Starhill Gallery and Lot 10. Take the escalator and go up to the second floor. There is a make-up store right in front of the escalator. Walk past the make-up store and walk all the way till you see a money changer on your right. Walk a couple more steps and you will see what looks like an emergency door on your left. Step in and you will be overwhelmed with the smell of food. They have a huge array of choices- Chicken rice, noodles, mixed rice etc. The first stall right at the entrance serves Tom Yum soup. You've got to try it.

Boss decided to give us a treat! So she brought us to Capriossa at Pavilion, on the same level as Food Republic. We had an amazing time there because not only was it cosy, and gave us the privacy to gossip, service was quick. To top it all off, the pizza was heavenly. We had salmon pizza and a free Hawaiian pizza.

Vivo pizza is one pizza place to look out for. If you are on a hunt for a nice and modern place for lunch or dinner, Vivo is the place you have to visit, be it for a quick meal or with a whole bunch of people. Every single dish is cooked to perfection as the recipe is sourced from a very profession chef (from Italy, correct me if I'm wrong) More pictures will be uploaded soon!

And so my kakak at home cooks the best nasi lemak in the whole wide world (I'm not kidding). Even better than Village Park at Uptown where all the ministers go to! Where else serves mouth-wattering food like this and offers the comfort and cleanliness of a home?

That's all! See you again!


The Differences Between Dating a Boy vs a Man

I found this incredibly fascinating write-up about the difference between dating a boy versus a man and it is written by

When I was in my early twenties, if a guy acted aloof, called back only sometimes and showed minimal interest, I would get hooked. You could say I was addicted to the bad boy/ unavailable boy/ player. I was drawn to what psychotherapist, Ken Page terms as “attractions of deprivation” – when we are drawn to people who embody the worst emotional characteristics of our parents. Basically, the theory explains that we are attracted to people who can wound us the same way we were wounded in our childhood, as our psyche tries to recreate the past void and save us by changing its ending.
“The child in us believes that if the original perpetrators — or their current replacements — finally change their minds, apologize, or make up for that terrible rupture of trust, we can escape from our prison of unworthiness. Our conscious self is drawn to the positive qualities we yearn for, but our unconscious draws us to the qualities which hurt us the most as children.”  - Psychology Today
So games used to work on me because 1) I had unresolved daddy issues and 2) At the tender age of 20, I was trying to figure out who I was and to top it off, I was ridden with insecurity and a low sense of self-worth.
But somewhere in between the passing of a decade, something changed.
I learned to love myself.  I became independent, confident, and started to value my self-worth. I went through hardships and heartbreaks and picked myself back up which built my strength and courage. Instead of relying on beauty as my source of empowerment, I focused on basing my empowerment on my intelligence, successes, values, contributions to the world and how I helped others. In a sense, I finally grew up. I went from being a girl to becoming a woman. And as a woman, you are attracted to very different things than you are as a girl.
A girl is attracted to boys. A woman is attracted to men. Now, this has nothing to do with the actual age of a person. I’m referring to maturity, life vision and stage of life. In fact, some people regardless of their age, will never really grow up.
If you are a girl (lack independence, are ruled by insecurity, lack self-respect, throw tantrums, have princess syndrome, don’t have strong values or boundaries and can’t hold yourself on your own) then expect that you will attract only boys. However, if you are a woman (independent, ambitious, knows your worth and value, has a strong moral compass, is considerate and an able communicator and doesn’t let insecurity dominate your psyche), then you should be dating a man. And if you can’t spot the difference just yet, here are some pointers.
1. A man knows what he wants, and goes for it. A boy may have somewhat of an idea, but not really. He doesn’t think too much about it, and even if he does, doesn’t exert much effort to get it. A boy is passive, a man is assertive.
2. A man plans for his future and is working towards building a foundation and infrastructure in order to have a family (at some point in his life).  A boy lives only in the moment and his plans are mostly around which bar he’s going to hit up on the weekend.
3. A man looks for a woman with intelligence, who is supportive, grounded and encompasses a shared set of values when choosing a partner. A boy cares mostly only for girls who are hot, wild and exciting.
4. A man knows a good woman when he meets one and will take initiative to get to know her. A boy may make an attempt if you’re lucky, but gives up before ever really trying.
5. A man has the courage to have uncomfortable conversations. He is honest with his intentions and lets people know where they stand. A boy avoids. He ignores confrontation or any serious talks about feelings. Instead of dealing with a situation, he runs away from it or creates drama or excuses to mask the fact he’s not that into you or a relationship.
6. A man knows when to invest in a woman and jump in with two feet. A boy is always “testing” – he doesn’t fully commit because he never knows if he is quite ready. But the truth is, because he is a boy, regardless of who he meets, he will never be ready due to the stage of life he is in.
7. A man knows how to have a good time and be social, but is often busy making strides in his career and building his life. A boy is getting crunk with his buddies at the bar every weekend.
8. A man takes the time to reflect on the type of man he wants to be, the example he wants to leave and the vision for his life. He has put thought into his values. A boy has not established his moral compass or values and consequently, is often inconsistent.
9. A man has integrity. He means what he says, and says what he means. He has follow through and actions his promises. And if he can’t he has the guts to tell you why. A boy makes promises but doesn’t follow through.
10. A man is afraid of rejection but will put himself out there anyway. A boy is afraid of rejection and acts passive so that his pride and ego won’t ever get too banged up.
Now, a lot of these differences require taking the time to know someone to figure out if the apple of your eye is indeed a man, or a mere boy. However, one of the quickest filters that you can notice from the beginning is this:
11. A boy plays games. A man doesn’t.
*To clarify, when I’m referring to “games” I mean mind games.

There will be a few times when you will be caught between having to decide whether your guy is acting like a boy or a man, but all you need really is to get a pen and paper and write boy/man down on every point.

Happy discovering! :D

Monday, 3 June 2013

Thinking about you

A tornado striked
right when you walked out
In this painted house
where you left your keys
locked to my heart

My eyes don't shed tears
but they run in streams
till they run out

When I'm thinking of you
I know
you still think of me
and it scares me
to think how hurt you are
how scarred you are
and the emotional trauma you had been living in

Do you think so far ahead?
Cause I've been thinking about forever
Do you think of me still?

And yes, I remember
How could I forget?
How you feel?
And though you were my first time
A new feeling
Will never grow old,
not in my soul
not in my spirit
not in my heart

We will go down this road
and part at the crossroads

Till the end of time
when we find love
once again

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

KL city food review- Western to Banana leaf

We had this heavenly ribs at this restaurant next to Watami in Pavilion. It's even better than any ribs I have tried- soft and tender and customer service was tip top. I had a sandwich but the serving was pretty big so we shared. 1 slab of ribs and a plate of sandwich was sufficient to satiate 4 of our tummies.

Food- juicy and satisfying 4/5
Customer Service- Great 5/5
Decor/ ambiance- Cosy for any occasion 4/5
Speed of service- I like quick service, but we waited for a bit for our food to arrive 3/5
Location- Pavilion

And so my colleagues went, 'you have to try the Korean noodles!' It's totally instant noodles! but it was pretty rad. It's pretty spicy. For those who can't take spicy food, I don't recommend it! For those who are on a hunt for spicy noodles, you can give this a shot. The first half of the bowl was great, but when diminishing returns set in, I wasn't so into my noodles anymore :/ Or maybe it was because I had a blocked nose when I had this hahaha. Soreh! XD

Food- Can be a bit more flavoursome 3/5
Speed- Pretty fast 4/5
Location- Food Republic, Pavilion

Thumbs down...

Me no likey this TomYum at Food Republic in Pavilion. It had a weird sour taste. But then again, I have tried numerous TomYum before the first prize still goes to the alley at Fahrenheit 88. More updates on that one soon! :D

Who hasn't tried banana leaf at Bangsar (Nirwana)!

I doubt anyone hasn't.

But I don't understand what the craze is all about. I found it a bit tasteless. No doubt the portion was fit for a King, and what's more shocking is girls slimmer than me (and I saw it with my own eyes) can actually finish one whole portion of rice, (imagine it being slightly bigger than your face) and adding on more side dishes! Holy cow!

So I had my maggi mee goreng. It was a disappointment too! I am never harsh on food but this one was cold and bland as well.

The one thing I like here is the Mango Lassi. It is pretty good I must say. I love Indian Lassis! And if you have a Vitamix at home, you can make your own Lassi :) Just blend ice, mangoes, 2 spoonfuls of natural yoghurt and you are good to go!

Eating budget in the city, I mean right smack in the city, i.e. Pavilion/ KLCC is no easy feat. But bro brought me to the makeshift makcik-run stall by the roadside. Guess how much my beehoon and egg cost! RM2, and the portion's pretty big.

It ain't healthy though, so I have stopped feasting like this.

I had this in Star Vista (next to Buona Vista MRT station) Singapore, basement at a Taiwan xiaochi stall. I loved it! The meat was intertwined with fats so I bit into the meat and left so much fats behind that it looked as though I hadn't touch my food! I have never been a fan of skins, fats, deep fried or oily stuff, but I'm a total sucker for chocolates and desserts. omg... who says no to chocies?

Being confined to eating around the office area enabled us to walk within a certain radius for lunch. So, I had this ginormous portion of noodles at Cosway, opposite pavilion. Second floor. A plate of noodles + a drink+ fruits/rojak= RM10. It was hot and good, yummy and has a good balance of proteins and carbs. My super ripped colleague thinks it's still unhealthy. Shall have a sandwich next time!

The 5 of us celebrated Jess's birthday with a Pavlova cake from Lavender! I'm a guilty sinner who sins on desserts but oh wells, once in a while yeah? ;P


OOTD- casual work


So, we were pretty much the first to arrive at the office. BECAUSE Ken wants to beat the morning jam that will make us sick from breathing Ken's car freshener, no la kidding. It smells fine :D Just that our voice boxes aren't warmed up enough to begin our karaoke sesh, so no fun in the morning.

The karaoke session will resume after work, promptly at 5.30 when we hit the thumb print machine at 5.30 s h a r p. Which songs you might ask? The creed, Coldplay, Three blind mice (whoops, I meant three doors down) and some unknown band that Ken goes ' HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THIS BAND???' With that face:

Yao know what I ming?

It's great having someone from the previous generation to re-introduce rock and alternative music since most of the songs play are overplayed. 

Oh and all you house lovers out there, share the love here.

My house favourites:

#1 Ladi Dadi- Steve Aoki (Tommy Trash remix)
#2 (Hardstyle) Cannonball- Showtek
#3 Metropolis- David Guetta
#4 Antidote- SHM
#5 KNAS- Michael Angello
#6 Mammoth- Dmitri Vegas
#7 Greyhound- SHM
#8 Through the night- Drumsound and Baseline Smith
#9 Toulousse- Nicky Romero
#10 My feelings for you- Avicii & Sebastian Drums

And my recent Indie jam
#1 I follow rivers- Lykke Li
#2 Place de la Republique- Coeur de pirate

Recently, I have been into rather soulful and chilled-out music. Thanks to R who indirectly made me explore this genre with less ignorance.

Till then!


Monday, 27 May 2013

Cry a pint of tears, out of elation.

We met at the time of elation
At the request that we made upon ourselves
but one gets lost in them

You're not more than a couple of kilometers away
and our hearts
our hearts stay behind

I ran along the river
Waiting to find you
the serene soul

I ran without knowing how nor why we hurried
We did not run far enough to make it through

And I no longer know if you are worth the pain
It's much harder to be sure of it

And when you're faraway
Don't forget me
I will wait for you
at least for the moment for me to say
that I want to take the biggest risk

The morning that poured thunderous tears
That evening on the grass

And as you see,
it is the end
I have to cross the ocean
tomorrow morning

From your arms,
I will pull myself away
Everything sweetly
and it's reality
that's waiting for me

I know your heart is inhibited
but they are meant to fly

I will follow the tide
run deep, run wild, run wide...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


they said you can't fight it.
Well, I disagree.
What's love
is stronger than gravity.

-Jim Sturgess (Upside Down)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

OOTD street: Giuseppe's the man

The highlight of this outfit? The shoes. Mad love for Giuseppe Zanoti! His designs are wicked and I can foresee jumping into every opportunity to match my outfit with this pair :DDD
Pardon the really shady editing. I promise I will do a better job next time!

Top- Marilyn Monroe top (streets)
Bottom- H&M
Bracelet- Juicy Couture
Necklaces- Forever 21 & H&M
Shoes- Giuseppe Zanoti


Branded shades/sunnies

I was busy hunting for a pair of RayBans 3025 and chanced upon Cheesie's blog. She's so awesome, reason being her blogs are entertaining and there's almost always a giveaway contest! And her blog brings you great joy because they provide links to great deals!

For example, a pair of RayBan's Aviators cost RM 900+ in an optical shop in town, but at this link here they are selling at only RM 355 after current conversion! Imagine my excitement! I was overjoyed!

This is the pair of shades I am getting :)
Moreover, they carry other brands, such as Balenciaga, D&G, Prada, CK etc.

Happy shopping! :D

Monday, 22 April 2013

360 Anniversary @ Marini's on 57 Menara KLCC

 At MARINI'S which is situated on the 57th floor of the 3rd Petronas twin towers.

Had several baffled moments with some people who CHOSE to hear Marini's as MALINI'S.

Banana leaf ah? =.=''''''''''

[ With my lovely ladies: future actuarist/financier/entrereneur and future surgeon respectively. This is what I call beauty with brains :D ]

Meet my gorgeous colleagues and friends :)

All dolled up and sipped on champagne.

Colgate advert : E

Doesn't she look mixed? One of the very few people who actually look good with braces on!


Thank you 360 for hosting the night so high up, giving us a bird's eye view of the KL skyline!

The sausages and desserts were good, complimented nicely with wine and champagne.

Don't you love what a DSLR can do to make a picture look good?

My sistars +.+

Even though we haven't met for a very long time, I feel like we've known each other for ages! Thanks for being there for me this past few months!

XOXO always <3