Monday, 15 July 2013

Nights like this

Hurried footsteps down the pavements, people I don't see but the constant gust of wind constantly reminds me of people, a cacophony of noise.

Drowning in a sea of people, and I feel terribly alone.

Free, yet busy with a million things on my mind. and the one thing that I have constantly on my mind.


I had that moment again. Well, correction: I almost had that moment. You know the one where I wish my hand was in yours, bringing you everywhere, to see everything that I see, to breathe the same cold welcoming air of the land down under.

I see your face everywhere I go. I bring you everywhere. For a brief, brief moment, I felt that being there would make me feel like you were there. But before I could really entertain the thought, I knew you weren't.

You aren't here.

Sometimes I don't know if this is the best decision for us. But time and again I have always convinced myself that all these we had, have been sheer bliss. Bliss.

This is a road of learning, it's a journey. And I'm learning how to be without you. I think I'm doing okay. I really don't talk about you or mope about your absence, but you are on my mind all the time. I think it only gets to me when I have got absolutely nothing to do and I'm forced to come to terms that it's yet another day that we are apart.

Or you know, when there are nights like this- when I'm swallowed by songs that remind me of you.

It gives me life. To have known you. To still be able to talk to you everyday.

It gives me hope. That happiness can be achieved. Even when the time is wrong.


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