Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Love out of pain

I sit tight, don't want to miss the show
I hang on, don't want to miss my prime
Cos time flies, when your heart meets mine

Stay a while, stroke her to sleep
Stay a little longer, watch her breathe
But tide rides far, watching his shadow
shrink and
desire distant

So I walk along
this deserted path

He peeks
He shadows me
Walks behind me
Walks with me

A smile
a laugh
a kiss
a touch

Fingers intertwined
Skin touch lips burn
Breath me in
Gaze deep
Hurt deeper

Dance with me
Dance while we can
Dance out of pain
Dance cos we must

Come a little closer
I'm in thoughts
I write you
I'm in love

You will be the sun
and I will be the sea
and love, the shoreline
where you and I meet

Let Him
sweep us away
to somewhere

to somewhere
only we know

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