Monday, 22 April 2013

360 Anniversary @ Marini's on 57 Menara KLCC

 At MARINI'S which is situated on the 57th floor of the 3rd Petronas twin towers.

Had several baffled moments with some people who CHOSE to hear Marini's as MALINI'S.

Banana leaf ah? =.=''''''''''

[ With my lovely ladies: future actuarist/financier/entrereneur and future surgeon respectively. This is what I call beauty with brains :D ]

Meet my gorgeous colleagues and friends :)

All dolled up and sipped on champagne.

Colgate advert : E

Doesn't she look mixed? One of the very few people who actually look good with braces on!


Thank you 360 for hosting the night so high up, giving us a bird's eye view of the KL skyline!

The sausages and desserts were good, complimented nicely with wine and champagne.

Don't you love what a DSLR can do to make a picture look good?

My sistars +.+

Even though we haven't met for a very long time, I feel like we've known each other for ages! Thanks for being there for me this past few months!

XOXO always <3


Friday, 19 April 2013

Breakfast at Sri Petaling

We had Sarawak kolo mee at Sri petaling. It was super jam to get there and we had to park a distance away and brace through the carbon of vehicles while making our way there.

I was so tempted to try the Penang curry mee! But I was wearing white, totally the wrong colour when you are prepared to gorge on hawker food! Anyway, Constance, Ken and Jonah all had the oily but super appetizing pork noodles, which made me twirl and regret that I didn't order it. Nonetheless, should you run out of ideas to eat on a weekend morning, head on over and you will be embraced with lots of choices here!

Check out more pictures on Constance's blog @ ;)

Happy drooling ;D!

Industrial design ; Red carpet highlights

And so Fong asked me to take a picture of this exquisitely hand sewn from s c r a t ch (how in the world did she do it *horror face*) prawn cum travel pillow/neck rest for her portfolio!

In the picture above this, close up, my head looks like it's suspended in the air or smth T___T

Look at how well made it is! Till today, I am still so in love with this piece of art work.

HEHE my kewtiepieee! Look at that cheeky grin!

Hui Liu Shan :) Please make me your ambassador pleaseeee. I love your mango desserts soo much it makes my purse bleed :""""<

1U Gold class. Comes with leg rest, reclining sofa seat and blankey! For those looking for a place to nap, I assure you this is your one stop solution ;D

Olympus Has Fallen is probably one of the best movies I have watched. Loved the plot and the visual effects.

This is me, bored at work.

Till then babes,


All things yellow!

Change up and throw away metal and spikes! Play with your wardrobe with the most unworn colour.

Isn't yellow pretty! Just the perfect hue for spring. Brighten up your day with any yellow accessories you can get hold of and wear em out! Teal is perfect to dullify the numb the brightness of the amount of yellow you wear. Strike a balance. Don't forget to mix it up, if not you might risk looking like a banana yourself ><' Yellow brings out the liveliness of a pretty young chic like you. Be thrilled when you become a head turner the next time you head out of the house!

These are some of the items you could gain some ideas from, and on your next shopping trip, have a  look out for them :)

Dress pretty ladies!

Bag fetish!

Ahhh, can't decide which of these 4 to get!

1) The bold and daring statement tote
2) Everyday metallic gold structured tote
3) Silver sling (comes in a gold too) such a classy piece!
4) Celine large tote (good for uni)

Choices...choices... which one would you choose?

Mum finally decided to give in to temptations and get this Giuseppe Zanoti bag. It has a lovely soft texture because it's made of lamb skin. Such a beauty.

Till then!


You flew me from earth to heaven

You swept me off my feet
and threw me into heaven
where the past comes back to life
fight fear for the selfish pain
it was worth it every time
hold still right before we crash 
cause we both know how this ends
a clock ticks
till it breaks
and I drown in you again.

Cause you are the piece of me I have been dreamin' of 
for so long
Chasing relentlessly
this endless love

If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?
If our love's insanity, why are you my clarity?

The traffic of worklife

Complaining about uni? I wouldn't. Cos I know how screwed up work life is.

Light it up

Is putting a cigarette in between your lips the definition of cool?
Why can’t it just be defined by the inner aura that one posseses? 
When I see a random person with a lighted stick, I would pass judgement; but when a friend of mine has the same damn thing in their mouth, all prejudices towards smokers dissipate.
They have somehow puffed em all away.

Nokia ad

So overwhelmed by this ad. Innovativity level 10.

That million-dollar face

Kate Moss.

Such an icon, right from a teenager!


lose myself
If I lose myself tonight
it will be by your side
it will be you and I

Thursday, 18 April 2013