Monday, 27 May 2013

Cry a pint of tears, out of elation.

We met at the time of elation
At the request that we made upon ourselves
but one gets lost in them

You're not more than a couple of kilometers away
and our hearts
our hearts stay behind

I ran along the river
Waiting to find you
the serene soul

I ran without knowing how nor why we hurried
We did not run far enough to make it through

And I no longer know if you are worth the pain
It's much harder to be sure of it

And when you're faraway
Don't forget me
I will wait for you
at least for the moment for me to say
that I want to take the biggest risk

The morning that poured thunderous tears
That evening on the grass

And as you see,
it is the end
I have to cross the ocean
tomorrow morning

From your arms,
I will pull myself away
Everything sweetly
and it's reality
that's waiting for me

I know your heart is inhibited
but they are meant to fly

I will follow the tide
run deep, run wild, run wide...

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