Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Falling out of love. No falling in. Deeper.

Frustration, fear and forceful thoughts overwhelmed the very being of this girl, so incredibly happy, and unable to believe the events that have been unravelling for the past 3 weeks with the last one week being extremely unexpected and delightful. Feelings of ecstasy and uncontrollable amounts of laughter, shielded the very core of guilt, unfounded sense of relief, and unremedied spins of giddiness.

2 seconds of spontaneity
2 minutes of talking
2 hours of laughter
2 days of texting
2 weeks of prayers
3 weeks of uncertainty
4 weeks running
5 weeks losing all doubts and fear

Loving someone who gives you a reason to hang on to something as fragile as life, feels...

incredibly blissful.


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