Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Best Tom Yum in town; Best Nasi Lemak at home

As promised, I would post Kuala Lumpur's best Tom Yum, situated in a hideout, right smack in the city. Those who don't work in the city might not even notice or know where this place is situated. When I brought my colleagues and friends from Singapore to this alley, they gasped in unison, 'so INDIE'.

I secretly 'umchio'. Because, honestly I feel cool knowing the existence of this place!


FIRSTLY, it is only RM6. I have always been on a hunt for cheap and good food in the city. Since I'm a temporary staff in the office, I don't have the luxury to spend like how some of my colleagues do.

SECONDLY, it tastes so authentic with the richness of all Thai spices come together and saves you the trouble of travelling to Thailand for a taste of the wonderful Tom Yum.

THIRDLY, it is in Fahrenheit 88. Yes, in a mall in between Starhill Gallery and Lot 10. Take the escalator and go up to the second floor. There is a make-up store right in front of the escalator. Walk past the make-up store and walk all the way till you see a money changer on your right. Walk a couple more steps and you will see what looks like an emergency door on your left. Step in and you will be overwhelmed with the smell of food. They have a huge array of choices- Chicken rice, noodles, mixed rice etc. The first stall right at the entrance serves Tom Yum soup. You've got to try it.

Boss decided to give us a treat! So she brought us to Capriossa at Pavilion, on the same level as Food Republic. We had an amazing time there because not only was it cosy, and gave us the privacy to gossip, service was quick. To top it all off, the pizza was heavenly. We had salmon pizza and a free Hawaiian pizza.

Vivo pizza is one pizza place to look out for. If you are on a hunt for a nice and modern place for lunch or dinner, Vivo is the place you have to visit, be it for a quick meal or with a whole bunch of people. Every single dish is cooked to perfection as the recipe is sourced from a very profession chef (from Italy, correct me if I'm wrong) More pictures will be uploaded soon!

And so my kakak at home cooks the best nasi lemak in the whole wide world (I'm not kidding). Even better than Village Park at Uptown where all the ministers go to! Where else serves mouth-wattering food like this and offers the comfort and cleanliness of a home?

That's all! See you again!


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