Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hi guys!

And so I was on a hunt for a pair of shades for him. It all started from the day we started taking selfies with Ren’s shades.

It wasn’t long before I went, ‘ Know what? This is it. We shall get a pair of shades for each other.’ But what kind of shades? So, we went to an optical shop and tried on a few pairs of RayBans, Aviators to be specific. The 3025 big frames looks sooo good on him *teary eye

He had on the silver frame while I love the gold frame on myself!


The Aviators cost an arm and a leg. So we left, dejected but optimistic that maybe other optical shops would offer a better price.

I even went to the extent of asking my friend to source from Sibu, at East Malaysia because it is somehow much cheaper there (for whichever reason). Unfortunately, that didn’t fall through.

There were also sites that were selling them at prices waaay below the market rate and I’m pretty damn sure they aren’t originals.  The way they marketed themselves was that they offer ‘100% customer satisfaction’. Seriously guys? The only reason why you can claim that is because you have no other form of marketing credibility! No certificate of authentication and real packaging to boot. Unless it is sought after for photo shoots or if you just want it but you are just too broke for it, it really isn’t worth ruining your eyesight for a pair of stylish fakes (shall elaborate on the reasons in a later post).

From my experience, nice and established brands aren’t cheap. But I was determined to find a pair for him, so badly. Yes, the things you would do for your loved-ones…

On a bright sunny day, I was reading Cheesie’s blog and I found and omg it was like a dream come true. They have a magnificiently vast array of glasses and sunglasses, from brands like Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Hugo Boss, Dior, D&G, Fendi, RayBans, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Prada and the list goes on. One would be so spoilt for choice but I had my sight set on ze RayBans! TEEHEEE :D The discounts go as big as 50% some of the best brands! My RayBans has like 45% discount. FAR OUT!

What’s even better is that they offer FREE shipping WORLDWIDE, to your door step! This saves online shoppers like me the hassle and cost to drive out, pay for parking and walk to the store! SmartBuyGlasses are located everywhere including USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Below are the links to the RB3025, the one I got.

If you are worried about fraudulent transactions, that should be the least of your concerns because all transactions are secured by Thawte. Basically what it does is that it secures communications by encrypting all data to and from the site, checks and verifies the site’s registered domain name. And if your name and card holder name is not the same person, the transaction wouldn’t go through.

Payment can be made using AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, JCB and PayPal! Easy Peazy :D

My experience with SmartBuyGlasses was that their customer service is impeccable. Second to none in the world of shopping online. Not only are they prompt in their replies, they are polite and efficient as well! It was a pleasant experience dealing with SmartBuyGlasses and I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking to buy any shades or glasses.

Happy shopping! :D


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