Friday, 2 May 2014

Heartbreak warfare

'I just want a simple love.'

For those of you who are familiar with this phrase, having heard it a thousand times over an argument, what can you say to rebut it? Nothing. It left her to ponder, in which life does one have a simple life to love someone? Is life easy? Nope; is love easy? *Are you kidding me*

Those words still rang loudly in her ears, thinking of the naïveté of that sentence, he uttered ever so simply, which his chin pointed downwards, as he hieved a big sigh, hopelessly.

*Rummaging through the pages where they last argued in her head.*

'I should have listened to my parents, to study instead of having a girlfriend!' He puffed angrily.

It really was heartbreaking to see her breathe through those words. The words that sent her into big sobs. Streams of tears ran down her cheeks, making way for a gush of waterfall to submerge that small cheeks of hers.

His rage, was like that of his dad. He's seen it. He's doing it, subconsciously. She had never seen this side of him before; this ball of fury was so intense it wasn't possible to tame. It was that side of him she has to accept and hopes that he changes for the better. It is the side of him she did not sign up for when she first met him.

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