Friday, 19 April 2013

Industrial design ; Red carpet highlights

And so Fong asked me to take a picture of this exquisitely hand sewn from s c r a t ch (how in the world did she do it *horror face*) prawn cum travel pillow/neck rest for her portfolio!

In the picture above this, close up, my head looks like it's suspended in the air or smth T___T

Look at how well made it is! Till today, I am still so in love with this piece of art work.

HEHE my kewtiepieee! Look at that cheeky grin!

Hui Liu Shan :) Please make me your ambassador pleaseeee. I love your mango desserts soo much it makes my purse bleed :""""<

1U Gold class. Comes with leg rest, reclining sofa seat and blankey! For those looking for a place to nap, I assure you this is your one stop solution ;D

Olympus Has Fallen is probably one of the best movies I have watched. Loved the plot and the visual effects.

This is me, bored at work.

Till then babes,


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